The Quarziti

Quarzite RossaRed Quarzite

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock, which was converted into quartzite through heating and pressure during a fundamental chemical and physical metamorphosis long time ago in geological eras.


As its name suggests quartzite is mainly made of quartz and is originated after the sedimentary structures of sandstone had been split and subsequently metamorphosized, as you can see from the thin quartz grains. Various minerals determine the different colours of the quartzite.

The Red Quartzite hails from Brazil, its colour is amaranth and its structure is quite regular. Its warm colour with the lines and veins in the background vitalize the surface. Quartzite can be used for interior or outdoor areas and is suited for flooring and cladding. There's no limit to your fantasy however, red quartzite can be applied – if technically possible – anywhere.