The Company Marmi Rossi S.p.a. was founded in the early 1966. The know-how and the experience acquired in more than 50 years of activity, allow to grant all the Customers the providing of high quality products (natural stones, marbles and granites) along with superior Customer service, constantly investing in new technologies to accomplish any kind of request. lt all started in the area of the Adige river and it was a family handcraft business that gradually turned into a mid-sized Company. Since then it continues to increase its growth and the import/export connections enhances and has today become one of the leading Companies for innovation, different processing and the trading of new materials.

Marmi Rossi company



Worldwide our experts search for the best quarries to purchase high-quality marbles and granites. This careful screening ensures the purchase of a performing product concerning the selection of the colours of the stones but also and more importantly the integrity of the same stones.

Marmi Rossi granite blocks

Marmi Rossi granite quarries



The Company is equipped with a machinery of the latest technology generation and is therefore able to cut Slabs from different sized blocks, to calibrate, resinate, flame and polish all the surfaces. In order to satisfy all the requests Marmi Rossi has two multi wire saws, two polishing machines, two resin machines and a calibrating machine.

Marmi Rossi slabs production 


45.000 m2 WAREHOUSE AND 150.000 m2 OF SLABS 

In our deposit of 45.000 square metres you can find a wide range of slabs ot many materials, thickness and finishing, all slabs ready for production. A modern system of codification and traceability allows to trace the origin of the slabs that guarantees the quality of our material.

Marmi Rossi granite slabs warehouse



In addition to our professionalism, guaranteed quality of our products, we offer a quick processing timing ensuring punctual deliveries; our perfect Customer care is due to the accurate internal organisation which is strictly connected to all the business network starting from the best technicians and ending with the best transport Companies that ensure safe and rapid deliveries.

Marmi Rossi transport and logistic