Marmi Rossi Maurizio and sons comes up in 1966 as a craft business in Ponton, a small location on the left bank of the river Adige. The founder Rossi Maurizio and his sons work with great engagement and dedication in a small rented building until 1969, when they buy 6.000 square metres of company premises in Volargne and build a warehouse.

Now that they own their own business, the structural, human and economic resources are growing. In 1972/1973 the production and the number of staff members increase in such a way, that the medium-sized craft business turns into a small industrial enterprise and the firm name changes into Marmi Rossi S.r.l (ltd.).
The firm turns to a wider market and approaches European customers, in particular German customers,  who receive continually the personal attention of one of the company members, often on the spot.

In the early eighties the Rossi family decides to introduce new materials, in particular granite, to enlarge the trade (as time has passed the whole production is determined by granite and today the merchandising is based on import-export)

After the purchasing of an estate of 20.000 square metres in Cavaion Veronese and the building of  several warehouses, the firm extends further and starts producing tiles in pioneering work. The production is amplified and a new sawmill is built, where four gang saws cut the granite blocks.

Another surrounding estate of 30.000 square metres is then purchased and one more warehouse is built, where high tech machines produce and finish granite slabs.
On the 4th of June in1994 the firm’s new legal residence in Cavaion Veronese is inaugurated and one year later the firm name changes into the present name Marmi Rossi SpA (Corp.).

On June 04, 1994 it inaugurated the new headquarters in Cavaion V.se and the following year takes place the transformation of the company name in the current Rossi Marmi S.p.A.

The firm has been able to join the market-leading companies with engagement, dedication and entrepreneur capacity.

To this day, the drive for progress and the continuous research of innovation concerning various finishing and new materials are central elements. Marmi Rossi SpA will continue to invest in modern and innovative technologies to meet the requirements of the market and to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction.

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