The photovoltaic project of Marmi Rossi

The photovoltaic project is based on a thought...

The sun is (nearly!) 5 billions years old and it ‘s able to cover our whole energy consumption: we only have to learn how to use this energy efficiently.  Consider that this year the sun is irradiating to earth 4.000 times more energy than the whole earth's population is able to consume!  Furthermore the sun is a free energy source, it's non-polluting and inexhaustible  (at least it will last  for some billions years)  and this solution could free us definitely from our dependence on petroleum or on other unsafe or contaminated alternatives. Why not use it?
Nowadays there are many technologies to use this energy directly or to convert it into electricity.  Under control and meaningfully applied this energy source can be totally used.

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The photovoltaic project of marmi rossi

This project arose in 2010 from the intentness and moral obligation to use renewable energy sources.  It has been a hard road: bureaucracy, inspections, analyses and several months of installation…. The huge economic investment (ca. 3 billions of Euro)  enabled us to install one of the biggest firm's photovoltaic systems of North Italy , the photovoltaic surface extends over  5.264 square metres and is able to produce annually 700 MWH, namely the need of an entire neighbourhood with 250 homes! At the same time we'll reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which means an annual saving of 411 tonnes!

The photovoltaic meter: real-time update!

The meter on the website is updated in real-time (please update your website to follow the different data) and the indicated values are really impressive:  how many trees are spared and how many petroleum tanks are not consumed!

The decision for renewable energy is a moral obligation.
The quarrying, the reworking and the transport of granite consume a large quantity of energy and pollute inevitably the environment. With the photovoltaic system we are able to "restore" something to the environment and to the community.

The decision for renewable energy  is an economic choice.
Oltre al risparmio energetico e ambientale, nei tempi lunghi c'è sicuramente un risparmio in bolletta , anche per l'azienda.

Above all we save energy and protect the environment, but in the long run our firm saves electricity and pays less, too. Not only in production Marmi Rossi sets a good example, but also in energy supply, we care about the customer needs as well as about environment protection!