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MeetUp 2020: Restart Together!

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MeetUP 2020: Restart Together! The first event after the Covid pandemic which we consider a positive sign for the restart of the marble industry.  Human relationships are fuelled by seeing, hearing and experiencing … 

Truck Drivers: Safety Measures

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From May, 4, 2020, all drivers of transport companies, as stipulated in the anti-Covid-19 protocols, have to respect the following safety measures when entering the Company or the warehouses.

Safety Measures for Visitors

min norme di sicurezza accessi anticovid EN As of May 4, 2020, Customers and Suppliers have to follow the above mentioned security measures in accordance with the anti-Covid protocols when entering the Company…  

How the project Inside Stone came up

inside stone Is really everything as it seems? We do NOT believe that! This question stood behind the project of Inside Stone, a healthy degree of curiosity was what prompted us to search for another...

EXPO 1900: Verona marble in the beginning of '900

min Expo-1900 Let’s take a leap into the past, when the Veronese marble was the main protagonist during the international exhibition in 1900 in Verona which was intended to reflate the top production on the local market. 


min Chiusura estiva IV We like to inform you that our firm Marmi Rossi S.p.a. will be closed from Saturday 09th August to Monday 18th August 2014 for summer holidays. 

Informative about risks

trasportatori In conformity with the above - mentioned subject we provide you with the following list of the specific risks at our firm while loading and unloading our material: