Informative about risks

RISK FACTORS Squares and manoeuvre area

    Crash with block carriers, gantry cranes, mobile cranes and motor vehicles in motion
    Accident caused by the fall of hanging loads
    Crash with hanging loads 

As to safeguard your own safety and those of the other factory operators, we ask you as follows:

    to respect the normative in regard to the working security and the prevention of accidents;
    to provide and to make use of necessary safety gears (safety - shoes);
    to follow the rules and the internal working practices as follows;
    to wear the special identification card. 

Before the drivers are allowed to enter our factory, the squares and the deposit areas, they have to present themselves in our office, where they'll receive specific instructions. 

The access to the loading and unloading areas is only allowed in accompany of a staff member.

The drivers have to stay close at their motor vehicles and they are not allowed to move freely through the factory area.

During the loading and unloading operations the driver shall only help the staff member, if he is specifically trained and experienced, otherwise he has to leave the motion area and to keep the safety – distance. 

In factory it's not allowed:

    to smoke
    to strike matches, to use lighters or other flaming instruments;
    to use working equipment or instruments of our firm without specific written authorization.

The transport driver must immediately inform his manager and the factory responsible about any kind of accident or industrial accident even if it seems to be of light importance.
Who suffers an industrial accident, is immediately subordinated to appropriate treatment.

Behaviour in case of emergency:

    give up any kind of activity and go as fast as possible to the gathering point;
    warn the present people and the emergency staff;
    use the fire - escapes to reach the security area;
    do not interfere with the emergency activities and help only if you are ask for;
    keep off passages.