Marmomacc 2012
After the marble fair 2012 it's time to strike a balance.


First we'd like to thank everyone, customers and suppliers, who came to visit our Meet-Up at Marmi Rossi.
During the fair period the visitors could admire in our firm black granite, red granite, blue granite, Marinace, quartzite, the porphyry Viola della Valcamonica and many other materials. Of course our visitors saw all the kind of finishing, we are able to do: from “classic finishing” as polished, honed, flamed, brushed, satined, Ecoantik up to the new and extraordinary techniques as wengè - we'll talk about that in our next newsletter.
We've been able to talk with Giovanni Rossi, manager of Marmi Rossi.

Did you see some result after the marble fair?
“During the fair period in our firm we noticed less participation than last year, nevertheless the visitors came not for curiosity, but were seriously interested to do business. As we always pay attention to quality, we appreciated the visitors' interest a lot. The customers moved around to see with great interest our wide-ranging deposit of granite slabs,  they made many questions and discussed a lot with us…”

You talked about special offers in your invitation to Meet up?
“Yes, we did. Fortunately we sold out all the material with special prices, but we've also received  many requests for normal prized material and finishing. As it should be, our customers ordered budget-priced material and paid attention to our offers, but generally the orders are continuing to rise.”

What about economic crisis?
“In our business area, as in all economic areas, the crisis is still continuing, but it seems to me that we can capture the first signs of a light boost. After all, during the last years we've been working well.  In our business area, as far as I believe,  product quality and seriousness do really make the difference. In a period of crisis everyone tries to spare costs, but we've never cut back on quality.”



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