Marmomacc 2013: interview to Giovanni Rossi

giovanni rossi marmomacc 2013

The Marmomacc exhibition has ended, the exhibited granite slabs have been placed back in the warehouse, as well as the new material, presented by Marmi Rossi for the first time: Fusion Black, Ice White, Siena Bordeaux, Black Night, Delicatus Cream and many others. 

Once the arrangement has been disassembled, we get round the table to talk about the results of the exhibition with the manager Giovanni Rossi. 



Well, what about the results of this year’s exhibition ?

Contrary to last year we’ve had many visitors: long-term customers, new customers procured by our new commercial agent and new contacts. I was told that, this year, less visitors had been at the exhibition, but I’m still waiting for the official numbers. The visitor attendance in our company was rather satisfying and we noticed a 30% increase. 

That’s really a lot! Let’s hope that the increase will have an impact on the orders!

Of course I’ve seen some orders, but I prefer waiting for the data analysis. During the last years we have noticed two trends in parallel.

On the one hand there is great enthusiasm for the new material and the brand new finishing methods such as Wengè, Juta, Wood and Tranchè, in addition to the traditional finishing like polished, honed, flamed, satinated, brushed and ecoantik. A lot of visitors were eager to buy the new material, especially Roma Imperiale, Pegasus, Azul Aran, Flake Brown and Juparana Arandis caught the interest of many customers.

On the other hand, during the last years of economic crisis, we’ve marked up that our customers prefer to buy a small quantity of goods and to attend the market demand before trading with large quantities. 

You continue talking about new material…

Well, this year, we are offering a whole lot of new material or rather new in our production line, but we’ve got so many that I’m not able to remember all of them. 

For instance New Spice Black, Chida White, River Gold and Black Pearl from India and Agatha, Juparanà Bordeaux, Bianco Romano, Titanium and Azul California from Brazile. We’ve got two new quartzite as well: Pacific Grey and Pacific Brown.

Furthermore we’ve increased the range of antique stone from Italy, these days, unfortunately, this precious material has been nearly forgotten. Last year we introduced the porphyry Viola della Valcamonica, a stone with many good qualities but produced in small quantities. This year we’re able to present our customers a blue-grey stone named Pietra Serena used for Florentine architecture in Florence and another stone called Pietra di Luserna, used for architecture in Turin, e.g. for the monument Mole Antonelliana.

Other impressions?

his year our customers appreciated very much visiting our company and watching the single working steps of granite finishing. The new multi wire saw Pedrini, just recently installed, impressed many customers. 

The neatly placed slabs in our large warehouse left a lasting impression, too. By the way, the Rossi family is personally monitoring every step of the production. Concerning the finishing made by other companies, we always try to find reliable partners for a long-term collaboration. 

Despite the hectic and crisis nowadays, it’s our purpose to ensure fast delivery time and to maintain low costs. Quality is still one of our main aims and we attach great value to convey to everybody that Marmi Rossi is another world!



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