MEET UP 2014, after the fair - Summing up after MARMOMACC 2014

MARMOMACC 2014 is over and Marmi Rossi SPA would like to thank all customers and suppliers for their participation at the company’s Meet Up 2014 in Cavaion Veronese.• la galleria dei NERI, con gli eleganti graniti di colorazione scura raggruppati in un unico settore e presentati in diverse lavorazioni.

Who spent time with our staff members during the 49th edition of MARMOMACC, could discover these three important news:

  • The gallery of elegant BLACKS in different dark colour shades and with various surface finishing in a part of our deposit;
  • The exhibition of high-quality MARBLE as a return to our roots. This year, Marmi Rossi has amplified the product line and reoffers marble, that means we returned to the original material we’ve started processing and which gave the name to our company.
  • The presentation of the new CATALOGUE OF MARMI ROSSI, which is also available online. In our renewed and extended catalogue you’ll find the new product marble. As our company offers a large range of natural stone, we‘ve not been able to include all kind of materials in the catalogue. Therefore we suggest you to take the CATALOGUE as an incentive to learn more about Marmi Rossi on our website.


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The company’s visitors could see the different surface finishing, mainly such as ecoantik, tranché, wengé and juta.

We have spoken to Mr. Giovanni Rossi, the company’s manager, and he told us that, this year, the exhibition in his company had been very successful with many customers buying a lot of material. Most of the visitors have arrived on Saturday 27th September.

The marble exhibition in Verona generally attracts a competent and enthusiastic public, which is well informed about the natural stone trade.

Mr. Giovanni illustrates us shortly how the stone sector reflects the momentary economic recession.

The crisis with the general tendency to caution lives also from a quick enthusiasm, that can be felt during the big international stone fairs and exhibitions. The market tendency could be drawn in a graph in undulated moves, such as the up and down of the ocean waves.

Even if there aren’t great movements on the market of the Old Continent, a general boom tendency can be felt thanks to the positive contribution of the ascending East European countries, because these entrepreneurs want to cope with the crisis, facing the problems with new energy and a future-oriented attitude. Their common goal are innovations, cost saving and the increasingly important network to share their knowhow.



MeetUP 2014
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