MeetUp 2016: Tendencies of a changing market


After we got caught up in a unprecedented race against the clock, our MeetUp, an annual event in our company during the period of the Marmomacc exhibition, is now over.  We’d like to share with you what we’ve experienced during this event. 

Now, we are talking about the MeetUp as ‘an event in the event’, because the company Marmi Rossi S.p.a celebrates this year its 50th anniversary, too. The MeetUp was the starting point for the celebration of our company, which ended with a fantastic gala dinner on Friday, where our guests made a leap in the past! 

This event gave us the opportunity to meet long-term customers and partners and to invite new customers to our company,  in order to get to know each other and to look forward into the future together during the exhibition in our company.

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But how did the MeetUp at Marmi Rossi work out? 

This year we registered essentially more visitors in our company, many of our loyal customers stopped by, but thanks to our web site, also new customers visited our company! 

All the investments of the last years in online communication have really paid off:  after the restyling of Marmi Rossi’s web site on the occasion of the MeetUp, you can now visit and use our web page easily with your smartphone or tablet. The instruments and devices that we use daily to keep our customers and partners informed, reward and gratify us with annual increasing numbers. 

“Every exhibition reflects the market development and it is the same with the Marmomacc: a calm market means an equally calm exhibition,  even though the number of visitors increased”, says Giovanni Rossi, the company owner, and he wants to add: “I have really felt the fear of the not yet stable market, nobody would take a risk these days: the general tendency is to buy only goods you are sure to sell and the stores are practically empty.  However, I am really satisfied with the feedback we‘ve got in our company during the MeetUp 2016, the numbers and results are indeed very interesting.” 

Carlo, the sales manager of Marmi Rossi, expresses a similar statement as Giovanni: “Many customers and several new contacts. A very positive feedback from people of Eastern countries, who are really open to new propositions.”

This event was worth the efforts and great commitment because of all the positive resonance, that we’ve received from our guests and visitors.  

We’d like to thank you, we expect you to attend the next MeetUp 2017!

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