MeetUP 2018: an unexpected increase

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A few days after our MeetUP 2018, the event outside the exhibition Marmomac, we are still feeling excited! During the four challenging days we met long-term customers as well as new ones and we  guided our guests through our office building and the warehouses.


An increasingly successful MeetUP …

min Giovanni Rossi

After our last MeetUp – says our CEO Giovanni Rossi – we believe that it was much more successful than the last one in 2017 (even though the last year event went well, too).  Hopefully,  the first estimates will be confirmed by the next month sales. Our customers showed great interest in black granite and in white quartzite,  they were fascinated by the various designs of these materials, so  many orders were made straight away.


What can we say about the market situation?

Our German customers and especially the long-term customers, whom we fondly call „historic“, supported and trusted us again this year. Good business with returning customers is always satisfying for both parties. German customers buy large quantities of material, they choose  the stones carefully but serenely, because they know that they can always rely on Marmi Rossi - not only when it comes to the stone quality, but mostly when it concerns interpersonal relations, which always come first for us. We equally noticed an increasing rate of customers from Poland and England, who visited our company in all fair days, showing much interest in our new office building and in our brand new machines.

During the summer weeks, we and our Italian colleagues experienced that the economic activities in all European markets somehow slumped, but now we are thoroughly satisfied with the course of these last weeks.  We are still searching for an reasonable explanation, but we don’t know yet what happened during the aforementioned months.

Since the beginning of September – continues Mr. Rossi – we are actually sensing a satisfying market upswing (a real increase!).


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Click here to see all the photos of the MeetUP 2018 


Il tema POP ROCKS...

We are pleased that our customers really liked our topic choice this year:  POP ROCKS! During the exhibition days, the entire company Marmi Rossi turned into a POP ROCKS world! The vivid colours not only upgraded our natural stones, but created also a cosy and stimulating atmosphere. Most people found it funny and inventive, that the owners of our company were presented as “comic heroes” on our most beautiful stone slabs…


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Many good things have been said about our material selection, but I actually noticed with satisfaction that our customers really appreciate how we work granite and that we do it with great passion and humanity. That puts a smile on our face while we are working!

The MeetUP 2018 was really successful, so we take the opportunity to invite you to our next MeetUP  2019! 

Now I beg your pardon, but I have to go back to my customers ... I’ll see you around!


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