Marmi Rossi introduces you the new machine Multiwire Jupiter GS200

multifiloThe multi wire saw is a cutting machine for granite blocks with a number of diamond wires.
A traditional gang saw cuts the whole granite block with steel blades and abrasive, a combination of stone powder, white wash and water.  The diamond wire is a cable with a diameter of  6-7  mm and on its surface are threaded  diamond-impregnated beads.


The diamond beads serve as an abrasive and are cooled and cleaned by water jets, the wasted material is also eliminated by the water.

The diamond wire is 25 metres long  and forms a closed ring.  This ring turns around the big driving wheel of the diamond wires and is the characteristic feature of the multi wire machine: an enormous roller with a diameter of  2,30 metres and a peripheral speed of 30 m/s.

 filo diamantato  perlina bis  ruota azionamento bis  ruote tenditrici bis

The cutting of the multi wire saw is generally less rougher than the cutting of a traditional gang saw, allowing afterwards a better finishing of the slab's surface.

We chose the MULTIWIRE JUPITER GS200 with 72 wires from the firm Pedrini in Bergamo, an up-to-date  company and a modern machine.

There are various future-oriented solutions, starting  with the lubrification system and with the cutting system  refrigerated by several strong water jets up to the automatic system of wedging and spacing the slabs. The computer control system is really remarkable and the machine with its optimal performance is able to cut big seized blocks to a maximum length of 3,5 metres and a maximum height of 2,10 metres.

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