Notice to carriers


Loading schedule starting on Monday,  May 15th 2006 -  up to any further notice - are as follows: 8:00 -12:00a.m.  and  1:00 - 4:00p.m. - working days only.

  OFFICE RECEPTION from 8:00 to 11.30a.m: trucks loading will be allowed up to 12:00  noon only; should loading not be completed by that time, it will be allowed to resume at 1:00p.m.

  OFFICE RECEPTION from 1:00 to 4:00p.m: truckers must contact the Office by 4:00p.m., failing to contact the Office before that time, loading will not be allowed till  the next morning. Truckers must complete loading and get all pertinent documents from the Office by 6:00p.m., which is the Office closing time.

Loading will have to keep to the chronological order following  the contacting with  the Office, announcing beforehand by phone  the arrival of a truck, will not grant it loading priority at the plant.
Should more than one truck contact the Office for loading around 4:00p.m. -  because loading takes some time to be completed -  it will be up to the plant foreman to decide whether all scheduled loading can be completed  before closing hours or be postponed to the next morning.

Truckers are advised to follow these steps:

1.  Contact the Office to obtain CONSENT FOR LOADING.
2.  Approach  loading bays as indicated by the Office.
3.  Set trucks for loading as fast as possible: opening  up slab stands, if any,  and getting  them ready, together with belts and  anchoring chains (note: make sure slab stands are made according to safety rules in force, Truckers failing to comply with that requirement, will not be allowed to load).
4.  Fasten belts and chains to stands to get slabs firmly secured.
5.  Check load freely using the weigh-bridge available at the plant.
6.  If load is correct, get transport papers from the Office.
7.  Close truck and leave the loading area immediately.
8.  Checking load, proper setting of pallets and securing slabs, etc., according to the European Community rules for transportation of goods and road-safety are the sole responsibility of carriers, therefore our Firm cannot be held responsible for failure to comply with  any of the  above-mentioned safety requirements.

It is also worth reminding that goods are delivered to our clients ex factory; we load goods on trucks, but setting of pallets, securing slabs as well as any other safety requirements are the sole responsibility of carriers; therefore our Firm cannot be held responsible for any damages or breakages caused by wrong setting of goods on trucks. No claims can be laid on our Firm for any accidents occurring during transportation; that is the sole responsibility of carriers.