Truck Drivers: Safety Measures

Restart of all Company activities and access to the outdoor areas

From Monday, May 4, 2020, Marmi Rossi SpA restarts all production and trading activities.

The company activities, the access to the outdoor areas and all loading and unloading processes now take place in accordance with the security protocols as defined by the decree of April 26, 2020, summarized briefly as follows.

Due to the current epidemiological Covid-19 crisis, all drivers are asked to carefully observe the following rules.

accessi in sede protocolli sicurezza 

Rules of conduct for access to the Company premises and outdoor areas

You are not allowed to enter the Company if

  • your body temperatures measures  ≥ 37,5°C
  • you have flu symptoms 
  • during the last 14 days, you’ve had contact with people who have been tested positive for COVID-19 or if you come from a risk zone.

For all truck drivers it is mandatory

  • to wear a face mask
  • to wear disposable gloves
  • to stop outside and wait for the instructions from our staff members, always keeping the necessary safety distance from other people;  
  • to remain seated in the driver’s cabin, until the loading or unloading of the goods has been completed; 
  • to use only the side entrance reserved for drivers, to present or collect documents. Access is only permitted to one person at a time and a safety distance of 1 - 2 metres must always be maintained.  
  • to use the disinfectant hand rub, that is available on the counter.  Each carrier is asked to use his own pen.  
  • to remain seated in the driver’s cabin during mechanical unloading (with forklift, overhead crane etc.), while the responsible staff will take care of all operations. The vehicle may only be left, when absolutely necessary; in any case, a safety distance of 1 - 2 metres between the driver and the staff members has to be maintained.

It’s strictly forbidden to move freely around the Company premises or to chat with employees of the company or other drivers. 

Drivers are not allowed to use the company restrooms, only the toilet in the central warehouse at Gate 1. 

Parcel carriers are kindly asked to place parcels outside the office and to hand or collect all documents in the side entrance, which is reserved for drivers.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation: the careful observance of these rules enables us to protect everyone’s health and to limit risk.