Warehouse Online: virtual access to Marmi Rossi‘s showroom

Over 25.000 granite and marble slabs are available in real time. What are you waiting for?

magazzino online lastre marmi graniti

50.000 m² of warehouse, 25.000 slabs and over 100 different types of marble, granite and quartzite are ready to load: log in, choose the slabs you want and send your request with a few clicks.

In the 50.000 square metres warehouse in Cavaion Veronese thousands of finished and semi-finished slabs are constantly available and can be immediately supplied to stonemasons and stone dealers.   

Just visit our warehouse online, which is updated in real time, and check whether the finishing, thickness and dimension of the available slabs match your needs!  


Availability of marble and granite: details on information you‘ll find online 

Check the availability of finished and semi-finished slabs on warehouse online Marmi Rossi but there is much more: you have access to all slab details, so that you can choose exactly the ones that match your needs.     

Cut and finished slabs receive a code and are registered to ensure that the online warehouse stock is synchronised in real time with the actual stock. 

While choosing the material you want, you have the possibility to:

  • check the quantity of the available slabs according to their finishing and block origin; 
  • know the dimension (including square metres) and thickness of the slabs; if you don’t find what you want, you can request custom-made measures and thickness; 
  • find out the block number from which the slabs derive, the numbers of available slabs (to select individual slabs) and how many square metres are left;   
  • view a real photo of one slab from different blocks; 
  • choose the most interesting slabs and obtain a personalized, non-binding offer. 

You can easily surf in our warehouse online using desktop Windows or Apple, tablets or smartphones.  


Visit our warehouse online, to get instant access... 

  • BIG VARIETY: more than 25.000 slabs of 100 different materials such as marble, granite, quartzite  
  • AVAILABILITY IN REAL TIME: updated several times a day
  • DETAILED INFORMATION: quantity, linear dimensions, thickness, square metres, block origin   


Look for the natural stone product you need, choose your slabs
and ask for a personalized offer: 
free of charge, immediate and non-binding!