Marmi Rossi: Another World!



We produce and we sell granite.
Granite slabs are surrounding us.
Every day we see different colours of granite.
Granite is our world.

We've been close to granite ever since: so close that our point of view has changed, it's become ‚different'. And this feeling of ‚being different' inspired us to give the Communication Campaign 2013 of Marmi Rossi the title “Another World”.Another world, because we identify a meadow in a green granite. Another world, because we see a river in the blue veins of a granite slab.

Another world, because the granite gleaming means a starry sky to us. Of course we recognize all technical characteristics of granite: hardness, density, long-lasting polish, weatherproofed resistance.
With “Another World” we'd like to point out the poetry of the material's beauty, which is combined to our passion for granite finishing. Poetry and beauty hail from Nature, created in the depth of our earth by geological events.

Our passion, our work and modern technology turn the design of mother nature into those products, which make our everyday life more pleasant, delighting us with quality and beauty. A human being really needs ‘something else' beyond the simple usefulness. „Another World” aims to take you into granite with poetry and fun.

Our creative team got this bright idea while working in the stimulating set of Marmi Rossi, because we're always trying to move on, we're able to enquiry ourselves and willing to discuss.

We minimize ourselves to achieve great ideas.Marmi Rossi is telling its own story through the adventures of the mini figures, who are the beating heart of Marmi Rossi: the administration employee who participates at the advertisement, our right-hand-woman who makes some tea and the stonemason who polishes the granite slabs with countless care.

The Rossi family and its staff are working together at each level to contribute to the success of the firm.