Enjoy the winter, your orders...


December 2010

Comunication Campaign Granite 2010

In December 2010 the magazine Naturstein is publishing the last article of this year. Inspired by the winter scenery, we've decided to let you enjoy the summits covered with snow and the relaxed atmosphere of a mountain holiday, we want you to have a good time and not to worry about anything, while Marmi Rossi is settling your orders and prepare the granite goods even before you get downhill. If you are looking for someone who takes care of your orders and who is able to advice your granite selection, then you are searching for Marmi Rossi. Work with us as our customers have done since years. Even in the last article of this year we want to keep our promise:  We are conscious of our capacities and we know very well what we are doing every day for our customers, therefore we invite you to experience our services…we won't disappoint you!


Enjoy the winter,
your orders
will expect you downhill!


The location 

For December we have chosen a picture of the splendid Pusteria Valley with the magic winter atmosphere of a wonderful Italian panorama. The photo shows a limpid and sunny day in the mountains, perfect for relax in the middle of forest and snow,  while Marmi Rossi is taking care of your granite orders.  


But why such a strong message? 

This agitated and frantic period speeds up the market and that negative movement makes often go down the quality standard in order to “fix the price” or  to let customers believe in a “prompt delivery”. But then the customer discovers that delivery time is the same as usually and that the goods' quality is getting worse.  

We want our customers to entrust their orders to Marmi Rossi, as they can be completely sure that our firm's organisation is able to offer the best services for delivery and quality. 

We've really known our block suppliers for a long time, we visit personally the quarries, which provide us with granite and we trust in our working power and means for granite finishing. Our customers know that they can entrust us their orders and then make a pause, as we respect as much as possible delivery time, costs and delivery terms.   


Our services

As for efficiency we decided to indicate visually some of our services. The miniatures are respectively  standing for: 

  • The cut of granite blocks and granite slabs 
  • The flaming of granite 
  • The polishing of granite 
  • The warehouse 

The website marmirossi.com includes, among other things, the warehouse granite slabs up – to - date in real time! 

Briefly, if the customer orders granite at Marmi Rossi's, he can surely enjoy the winter and relax totally!  


Happy Christmas holidays from Marmi Rossi!