Future: picture of the past.


Publication Naturstein December 2011

Natural Stone Granite Communication Campaign 2011
Future: picture of the past

The future isn't always a “new thing”  and people who work with granite know that very well: new tools often arise from evolution of old tools, the mistakes made in the past led to better solutions nowadays so that we are able to reach nearly perfect quality.  Therefore the following sentence is absolutely correct...

Future: picture of the past.



The photo

In the fourth edition of Naturstein we have another wonderful picture taken by Adelino Rossi in October 2011.
The photo's subject
Tools used to finish granite are set in a frame and look like a “still', in fact it's a photo of the past that had given us so much.

Why this choice…

In the fourth and last edition of Naturstein we are still talking about the time past – future. From the intense past we inherited the present-day experience of how to finish granite achieving a nearly perfect quality. We decided to set a few tools for granite finishing as a photo in a frame, those tools have been used in the past and evolved to optimal solutions. If we hadn't got these old tools, we wouldn't have been able to finish granite in such an advanced and precisely way and with unquestioned quality.
The last photo of the Naturstein edition 2011 is purposed to create emotions related to the past… we hope that we managed that!

From the past to the future
Today, like forty years ago, we visit our long-time granite suppliers all over the world to choose personally the granite blocks in the quarries for our customers.

These blocks pass through an efficient processing in ultra-modern machines under the supervision of our trusted and skilled staff and are then worked into granite slabs.

Our customer knows for sure that we do our best to observe the agreed prices and delivery time.

We supply our granite with experience, which has been increased in the past, at the same time we offer the best quality on market.