Interview to Giovanni Rossi

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Interview to Giovanni Rossi




During our interview Giovanni Rossi, manager of the firm Marmi Rossi in Cavaion Veronese, considers positively the actual situation on the stone market.  He is sure that Italy is still playing a leading role in regard to the offer of new stone types.

Naturstein: Mr. Rossi, you are in touch with the whole world.  How do you consider the actual situation of the stone sector, depending on different markets?
Giovanni Rossi: During the last two years we noticed a reduction in turnover, but since 2010 we've registered a light upswing tendency all over Europe.

Which market, do you think, offers the best prospects for the European stone sellers?

Germany is, since ever, the most important market, although it buys a few products from countries of origin, for example from India or China. Anyway, we've verified a positive tendency since the beginning of this year.  Actually, the European eastern countries are offering the best prospects for the future.

In this moment, what kind of colours, structures and stones are in demand?

Dark materials and colours are generally in great demand. According to that we offer innovative colours and types and the Italian market is still important in this sector.

What half – yearly balance do you strike for your firm?

During the first six months of this year we could notice an increase of 7 or 8%.  As to the whole year, we provide a medium increase of 5 or 6%.

What news do you have at Marmi Rossi's?

In this moment we don't have any important news, we are still trying to optimize the quality of our production. Furthermore Marmi Rossi has chosen renewable energy: the photovoltaic installation of about 750 KWp will be working soon: the energy gained from that system could supply, theoretically, energy for 200 to 250 houses.

Please give three good reasons for our readers why they should visit your firm during the period of Marmomacc.

First: Marmi Rossi is a medium-seized enterprise, able to produce from raw blocks with modern machines and to obtain the finished product, satisfying all kind of demands.
Second: We offer a large range of materials, selected directly from the countries of origin and finished expensively and innovatively by our qualified subordinates.
At last, the visitor will be accompanied by our kind and qualified employees, who are pleased to answer them every kind of question.

Mr. Rossi, thank you very much, we wish you a lot of success!