Marmi Rossi protects the Nature


Publication Naturstein
September 2012

Marmi Rossi supports the Nature.
Communication Campaign granite Naturstein 2012

This shall not be the "usual" campaign about nature protection...
For the communication campaign Naturstein 2012 Marmi Rossi has chosen an issue which is in no sense banal: we like to show that there are several methods and technologies to save significantly natural resources during granite processing. A small campaign to raise your awareness for using renewable energy and for saving energy.


Marmi Rossi protects the Nature.

When the water cuts the granite...
The cutting of granite implied the use of a mixture of water, lime and iron filings. The new machinery installed by Marmi Rossi needs only water, taking care to avoid waste and pollution, through the new treatment plants. Have been eliminated so about 20 tons of waste. Marmi Rossi protects the Nature.

We keep an eye on...
We pay a lot of careful attention during granite processing to avoid dissipation: starting to choose scrupulously the granite and our suppliers of granite blocks, from transport to sawing the blocks into slabs, up to the delivery of granite to our customers: in every part ethics and common sense are guiding our choices.