Focus Materials

Black granite: treatments and typologies

black granite Today we’d like to present you black granites from our catalogue, to show you their physical characteristics and to recommend you the treatments which highlight the material’s surface...

Taj Mahal: the quartzite of your dreams

taj mahal Taj Mahal is named after one of the most important monuments and world heritage of India, but actually, this fantastic material comes from Brazil and is one of those materials that cannot be easily classified.   


min beola The discovery of marble and traditional natural stones: the Beola!



Travertine is again produced by Marmi Rossi

Travertino Classico Romano As mentioned, a few months ago, Marmi Rossi decided to re-integrate marble in the production line and that includes travertine, a material from ancient times,  which looks like marble but that’s not how it is...

Rain Forest marble: the snakeskin

rain forest We’ve been impressed by the beautiful and spectacular material from India, called Rain Forrest, and especially by these two colours: Rain Forest Green and Rain Forest Brown.

Marinace: the riverbed of stone

marinace Look at the photos and try to get used to the idea that Marinace is not an artificial, but a completely natural material. It is not produced, at least not by human hands. 

Granite: meeting History

ancient granite working Granite owes its name to its particular granulation, whereby the grains can be small or medium-size. Therefore the Latin word granum has the meaning of granulous.

Porphyry Valcamonica

min porfido-viola-valcamonica Porphyry Valcamonica is one of the various Italian porphyry already known by the Egyptians who used it to build the pyramids.