Green quartzite: origin, colour meaning and application in design

quarzite verde

Quartzites are metamorphic rocks that, millions of years ago, underwent such profound chemical and physical transformations under strong pressure and high temperatures that their original state is no longer recognizable.

Now that we have defined the geological characteristics, we would like to describe a particular type of quartzite: green quartzite; in this article, we will focus on its colour, origin, and meaning.

Green quartzite is the result of the fusion of beauty and resistance, donning a touch of refined naturalness to any design.

In our warehouse you’ll find different types of green quartzite: Acqua Marina, Avocatus, Fusion Caravaggio, Fusion Fashination, Patagonia Green Extra, Patagonia Green, Quarzite Green Emerald, Quarzite Green Da Vinci, Quarzite Ocean Blue, Quarzite Vivid Green and Diorite Green.

With shades ranging from underwood green to elegant emerald-green, these natural stones have special features that make them a sought-after design element.

Thanks to their versatility, green quartzites can be used in a wide variety of design areas. In interior design, floor tiles, kitchen countertops and wall tiles of green quartzite are often applicated to create a visual connection with nature. Outdoors, green quartzite is often used to pave green spaces and gardens, or to create landscape details to obtain elements of serenity and harmony.


  • min lastra avocatusAvocatus
  • min lastra fusion blue caravaggioFusion Blue Caravaggio


  • min lastra quarzite green emeraldQuarzite Green Emerald
  • min patagonia greenPatagonia Green


  • min diorite greenDiorite Green
  • min acqua marinaAcqua Marina


Origin and meaning of the colour green

The term "green" comes from the Latin word vĭrĭdis, which probably derives from the verb virere, which means "to be green" (when referring to plants), "to be vigorous" or "to shine".

Green is one of the colours that we can perceive with the naked eye, a common colouring in nature. Its wavelength is in an average position in relation to other visible colours, oscillating between 520 and 565 nanometres (Wikipedia).
In the solar spectrum, green is a secondary colour that results from the mixture of yellow and blue. 

Green stands for vegetation and life energy, this colour gives you a feeling of harmony, growth, and renewal. As a symbol of nature, green often creates an atmosphere of peace and serenity.
Green is also the colour of hope and rebirth, it evokes positive emotions as it creates a connection with the environment. It has a calming effect on the soul to look at the colour green, as it can reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Green is a colour that represents balance between mind and body. A green hue in design can really create a cozy and calming environment.

In addition, green is considered the colour of happiness: it has deep roots in the ancient Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, which states that the colour green balances work, relaxation, and daily well-being.
Green is also a symbol of good luck (and wealth) in other popular cultures: for example, banknotes in the United States (but also in other countries) are green, as is the four-leaf clover (a rare anomaly of white clover that has four leaves instead of three), which is considered a lucky charm par excellence.

The colour green, like all other colours, has several shades, each of which has a specific meaning.
Some of these shades are:

  • Light green is often associated with youth, freshness, and growth, it is the colour of spring, renewal, and vital energy. 
  • Dark green conveys reliability and stability, this colouring is reminiscent of deep forests, wisdom, and balance and among certain populations it is linked to wealth, when in connection with banknotes.   
  • Olive green evokes the feeling of peace and tranquillity, while emerald-green is considered a symbol of luxury and royalty.


Green quartzite in design

The green colour of quartzites is highly appreciated both in living spaces and bathrooms thanks to its meaning and the sensations it evokes, especially as it is an invigorating and regenerating colour made up of different proportions of yellow (the colour of joyful vitality) and blue (the colour of water, calm, peace, and depth).

Through the combination of all these properties, the colour green conveys a feeling of peace and security, enhances relaxation, increases concentration and memory, and even the attitude to life.
In home design, this colour can be used in a variety of ways, both as dominant colour and as secondary colour.

As wall covering:

  • Lighter green shades, as mint or sage, make the room look larger and brighter; a combination with natural wood furniture or neutral shades such as white and beige is recommended, as it will create a harmonious and refined setting. 
  • Emerald-green or forest-green is more effective as a beautiful eye-catcher, e.g. as an accent wall or as a design element. 
  • Neon green is a contemporary colouring with a WOW effect.

Adding a touch of green to your home is not necessarily a momentary fad, but a decision that promises long-term benefits, as you will enjoy the positive effects of the colour every day and at any time of the day. 

The colour green is rooted in nature and in vegetation, it is clearly reflected in our surrounding landscapes. In meadows, forests and even rocks, shades of green can be found everywhere, the world of natural stones seems therefore particularly suitable for all those who want to decorate their homes with this colour.

The decision to embellish your home with green quartzite is more than an aesthetic choice, it is more about uniqueness, durability, and, above all, it will create an authentic connection with nature. All these properties, combined with the therapeutic effects of the colour green, will intensify the positive effects of this choice. 


  • min cucina DioriteGreen Project by Hecker NatursteineKitchen Diorite Green - Project by Hecker Natursteine
  • min top cucina DioriteGreen Project by Hecker NatursteineKitchentop Diorite Green - Project by Hecker Natursteine


What else to tell you? Browse our material catalogue and our online warehouse for green quartzite and choose the one you like the most or the one that suits you best.


Photo design: Project by Hecker Natursteine