Patagonia, an out standing granite

copertina patagonia

Patagonia is a rare Brazilian semi-precious granite made of various natural materials that have been pressed together by natural forces.
This magnificent pegmatite from our warehouse was donated to the University of Padua on the occasion of its eight hundredths anniversary at the opening of the Museum of Nature and Human in June 2023.


Origin of granite Patagonia

This granite from the quarries of Brazil is also called Pegmatite and was essentially a fusion of white quartz and beige granite - feldspar.

It is a stone of volcanic origin that belongs to the intrusive rocks.
This material was formed by magma, which slowly rose to the surface, gradually cooled and, when crystallized, absorbed the different materials, giving rise to the formation of the complex and characteristic surface of the granite Patagonia.

The semi-precious stone consists of bright colours and has two contrasting elements: quartz, the icy and immovable element, and granite with liquid that changes and creates movement.
The surface is characterized by a very coarse crystalline grain with centimetre-long crystals. 

lastra patagonia


min descrizione pegmatiti museo


In the above-mentioned Museum of Nature and Human, a section is dedicated to pegmatites, a type of rock that also includes our exhibited Patagonia slab, which contains an infinite number of minerals and gemstones.

The inner section is characterized by the increase of crystalline grains, in which further minerals are present, sometimes in groups that allow their extraction (muscovite and beryl, so-called useful metal minerals)
Useful metal ores are concentrated in the third section of pegmatites, where the size of crystalline grains is even larger, but sometimes this area is missing: uranium, thorium, lithium, caesium, niobium, and tantalum minerals are found here.
However, the core of many pegmatites is only made of quartz crystals, which are sometimes associated with orthoclase but do not contain any additional minerals. (Wikipedia)



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Some minerals contained in pegmatites (Museo della Natura e Dell’Uomo, Padua)

The large dimensions of pegmatite crystals were probably caused by the low viscosity of the silicate liquid from which the minerals were formed (with many volatile components) and by the continuous renewal of this liquid.


Characteristics of granite Patagonia

The granite slabs Patagonia have extraordinary entanglements of shapes and colours: white, black, beige, and brown alternate with parts of translucent, grey quartz, interspersed with golden veins. 
Just because of these colour entanglements, the granite looks best when used in large formats, which highlight its spectacular appearance in the whole.

min patagonia granito pegmatite dettaglio

As with all translucent materials, the surface is best emphasized by polishing.
If a matt surface is needed for furnishing, it can be honed or when a silky shimmer is wanted it can be satined.
The granite Patagonia can also be backlighted. In this application, only the quartz zones glow, creating a sensational partial lighting effect.




Use of granite Patagonia in design

Due to its properties, the granite Patagonia is an ideal furnishing element and can be combined with both modern and classic design.

The granite looks almost like a painting depicting contrasting elements such as earth/granite and sky/quartz.

This elegant material easily adapts to all settings characterized by solid colours or strong contrasts.
Patagonia can be used to cover walls and bathroom surfaces, or it can be applied as a kitchen countertop, tabletop, coffee tabletop or decorative element outdoors, since it is a hard and resistant material.

Thanks to its glossy surface with sparkling details and its colour composition, the granite Patagonia is an impressive furnishing element.

In addition, the granite Patagonia is a very resistant and durable material, and extremely practical because it does not require much maintenance.

  • min lastra patagonia magazzinoPatagonia slab
  • min patagonia macchia apertaPatagonia detail


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