When marble is not marble and when granite is not granite.

When marble is not marble and when granite is not granite.

Natural worked stone is subdivided in two big categories: marble and granite.  

Actually, this differentiation is a little bit too extensive and sometimes the term granite or marble is too vague or wrongly applied, anyhow we don’t consider that mother nature is in fact complicated.  

If you have marble or granite in your home, you should be interested in, because there are one or two important differences between these two rock types.  

But let us not talk about beauty: all materials are beautiful and everyone chooses the stone he prefers.  You certainly should know that…. marble is less hard than granite and more sensitive to acids, this means that you have to treat your marble with much more care. 


  • labrador-blue-pearl-gt Example of igneous rock
  • botticino-classico-extraExample of sedimentary rock
  • azul-imperialExample of metamorphic rock


Here’s a short geological explanation about the three main rock types on earth: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock. Igneous rock is formed through cooling and crystallization of melted lava. Granite is an igneous rock. 

Sedimentary rock is formed by the deposition of material, through weathering and different processes that cause mineral or organic particles to settle and accumulate.

All types of marble, but also rock types like travertine und onyx, are sedimentary and contain fossils.

Metamorphic rock is an igneous or sedimentary rock type. The original rock is subjected to high pressure and heat, causing a profound physical and/or chemical change (this process is called metamorphism).  Marble (e.g. Bianco di Carrara) and quartzite are mostly metamorphic rocks. Nevertheless, quartzite is a lot harder than marble, sometimes even harder than granite. 

What does this mean?

This means that many attempts are made to simplify that great chaos. We’ll soon talk about the material in our warehouse, which is commercially called marble, looks like marble but, actually, isn’t marble or granite, which appears as granite, but is, in truth, not granite.  

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