Marmi Rossi on Casabella in July 2017

foto uffici marmirossi casabella 2017

July 2017

Article published in the magazine Casabella in July 2017, in the dossier "wood and stone".

Although we haven’t celebrated the inauguration of our new offices yet, there is already a lot of talk about them … in an architecture magazine!

Obviously, we are very pleased  that a photo and an article of our new office building have been published in July in the dossier "wood and stone", which covers the first twenty pages of the renowned magazine Casabella.  

How satisfying to find an article about  the design of our new offices, which show how to use stone and glass in architecture, alongside other articles of valued buildings. 

Quote from the article: "the façade of the central building is cladded with Volga Blue and wide front steps lead to the building entrance..." of course, that’s  true.  Nevertheless,  for the whole building we used twelve different materials and each block is made of another material! Other than Volga Blue, you’ll find Brown Antique, Azul Noche, Labrador TFV, Imperial Brown, Labrador Antique, Black Pearl, Azul California Virginia Black, Caffè Imperial, Olive Green and Verde Marina.

Each building block is 9 metres long, 7 metres wide and 5 metres high. The entire glass window front  has a surface of 3.000 m². If you’d like to find out more about the technical characteristics, please read our article "The look of the new office of Marmi Rossi" and  you may also take a look at the office rooms in "The Mondrian Wall of Marmi Rossi".

Read here the entire article published in Casabella in July 2017...


Office building Marmi Rossi

Design by Arch. Silvia Bettini

"The new office building of Marmi Rossi has been renewed in occasion of the 50th anniversary and is made of twelve different granite blocks. Respectively, two blocks are piled on top of each other to simulate the marble and granite block square of the company. The blocks are separated by large glass windows. The façade of the  central building is cladded with Volga Blue and  wide front steps lead to the building entrance, where visitors get easily the impression to enter a stone block. All materials of the building facade are satined to highlight the stone’s natural roughness, while the interior and decorative surfaces are polished or honed."