Small steps, big leaps!

Maggio 2013

Communication campaign Naturstein May 2013.
Small steps, big leaps!

For the second advertisement on Naturstein Magazine of May 2013, Marmi Rossi SPA chooses the city as the setting for "Marmi Rossi Another World"
The mini characters of Marbles Red, the famous Pebbles, live the immensity of the metropolis, the magnitude of progress, the power of innovation, the courage of evolution.

"Small steps, big leaps" expresses the dynamism, the search for successful solutions, to overcome human limitations, the exaltation of working , the aesthetic research and the processing of the stone as an architectural element.


The city as a place of big contrasts we have expressed with the use of a single material in different processes: NERO ZIMBABWE, a very hard granite coming from Africa:

  • The hot metropolitan asphalt is in NERO ZIMBABWE satinated
  • The imposing skyscrapers in the background are in NERO ZIMBABWE polished, honed and rough
  • The crosswalks are in NERO ZIMBABWE wengè
  • The sidewalks in the rough NERO ZIMBABWE

More information about NERO ZIMBABWE.

Every little piece of the city tells the work, the sharing and the passion that Marmi Rossi puts in every small daily effort.
We are confident that we are aiming in the right direction; making ourselves small so we can wonder at the greatness of what we can achieve.

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