Nero Impala: The black granite from Southern Africa

 Nero Impala: The black granite from Southern Africa

Nero Impala, also known as Nero Africa, is another popular black granite, which you can find in our warehouse.

Origin and history of the material

As suggested by the name, this marvellous black granite is quarried in Africa, more precisely in South Africa, in the north-eastern province. In this area you’ll find great natural parks that are really beautiful in the southern spring, that is from the end of August to the beginning of September.  

Ravishing landscapes and a prosperous wild fauna characterize this area, and, in the savannah, one can often meet freely grazing impalas, an African specie of antelopes, which are responsible for the second name of this granite: Nero Impala.

Like Nero Zimbabwe,  Nero Impala belongs to the rock type called gabbro, an igneous rock, originated 2 billion years ago, when, in a gas-fuelled setting, the founded magma slowly cooled down under the earth crust.

The black colour is determined by characteristic elements such as: magnetite, pyrite, chalcopyrite and other minerals. 

  • Blocks in a quarry of nero africa
  • Blocks in a quarry of nero africa
  • Blocks in a quarry of nero africa

Difference between gabbro and granite

The structure of gabbro is different from granite because of the low percentage of silicon dioxide, thus rendering it basic. Sometimes, a different chemical composition leads to different structures and aspects. This is not the case of Nero Impala, which shows, on the contrary, the noted granite structure with grey medium seized grains  and white pointillism on a typical dark grey and black background colour, which is not homogenous. 

In petrography, this material is classified as a norite. (more details on Wikipedia)

Structure and technical properties of Nero Africa

The minerals contained in Nero Impala are distributed rather homogenously, colour and structure of this granite appear quite uniform and regular.  Homogeneity  and regularity confer very good technical properties to Impala: compression resistance, abrasive resistance and flexural strength. 

Use of the granite Nero Impala (Africa)

The uniform distribution of minerals makes Nero Impala a material with excellent technical properties. 
Thanks to this peculiarity, this granite ranks between the darkest materials and the classic granites, it is characterized by light grey grains that allows to significantly lighten background tones.

This natural stone is suitable as a basis for technical measuring instruments, due to its homogeneous structure and low thermal expansion.

In the past, Nero Impala granite was mainly used for tombstones and funerary monuments, nowadays it is mainly applied to flooring, staircase cladding, wall tiles, kitchen worktops and façade panels.

Use of Nero Impala in furnishing and design

The granite Nero Impala finds different applications:

  • as a countertop in kitchens or vanity top in bathrooms, since the luminosity of its glossy surface guarantees hygiene and cleanliness, while giving the environment a neat and clean appearance;
  • as wall cladding and flooring;
  • as shelf or board;
  • as outdoor flooring (if properly sealed);
  • as a decorative element (for example, as a base for a fountain or an artwork).
  • Kitchen cladding made of nero africa
  • Kitchen top made of nero impala
  • Pavement of nero impala polished and flamed

A kitchen can be decorated very stylishly with the elegant and refined granite Nero Impala.
Since this granite is a long-lasting material, work or dining table tops do not wear out over time. 
It can also be used as a kitchen peninsula or console.

Thanks to its sophistication and brilliance, Nero Africa can also be used in working spaces: as tabletops in meeting rooms.
To make the setting stricter and more professional, coloured chairs or armchairs can be placed.

Due to its peculiarities, this natural stone can also be used in combination with other materials and different furnishing styles.
It can be combined with all kinds of colours and colour shades.
Those who prefer an elegant and modern style can pair white, beige or grey elements with Nero Impala or place it on white and black tiled surfaces to soften its black colour.

For staircases, choosing the granite Nero Africa is a matter of style: a honed and polished surface guarantees an original style! 
As for kitchen details or decoration in other rooms, certain combinations and contrasts with the black colour of this material will create an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Bathroom design should not be ignored.  
Nero Africa can be used as flooring and wall cladding, but also as sanitary ceramics.
However, this furnishing style requires the combination of contrasting colours, preferably soft shades, so that the bathroom will not appear too gloomy.

Finally, the fireplace.
It is indeed possible to design the surfaces of a fireplace in Nero Impala, since it fits perfectly for this area. 
After applying a few simple precautions, the fireplace will become the magical and elegant corner of the house.

Why choose Nero Impala for home and office furnishing

As we have learnt, the granite Nero Impala can be used in different ways in homes and offices.
But why choose it over other materials?

Due to its high durability, frost and heat resistance, its homogeneous appearance and low expansion with temperature differences, this natural stone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
We’ve seen it, for example, applied as wall cladding, floor tiles, or façade cladding.

Since this natural stone consists mainly of feldspar and quartz, it is a very hard and durable material.  
In addition, it is also quite resistant to wear and stains.

The finishing of Nero Impala can be polished or brushed and smoothed.
There are also other processes for this type of granite: striped, hammered, rolled, sandblasted, bush hammered. For interior design, a polished surface is optimal.
The brilliance of this material is exceptional, and the reflected light can be a real ally to highlight the peculiarities of this natural stone.

min crosta impala

Another process that enhances the beauty of Nero Impala is crust finishing, a particular finishing, which uses natural erosion of water for unique shaping. The persistent action of water, drop by drop, at very high pressure on the slab enables to carve even the hardest rocks.

This type of processing, which can only take place on slabs with a minimum thickness of 3 cm, creates infinite finishings on the materials’ surfaces with different results, even if made on the same material.
All this is possible thanks to the combination of different factors, such as water pressure, handling speed, the use of specific sands and grits and the knowledge of the chemical-chromatic characteristics of the materials.


crosta nero impala

Finally, the colouring of Nero Impala makes it an extremely elegant material that is suitable for nearly any setting.

Only your fantasy and your ability to combine the materials could set limits.

Check Nero Impala in our catalogue.


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