Nero Impala: The black granite from Southern Africa

 Nero Impala: The black granite from Southern Africa

Nero Impala, also known as Nero Africa, is another popular black granite, which you can find in our warehouse.

Origin and history of the material

As suggested by the name, this marvellous black granite is quarried in Africa, more precisely in South Africa, in the north-eastern province. In this area you’ll find great natural parks that are really beautiful in the southern spring, that is from the end of August to the beginning of September.  

Ravishing landscapes and a prosperous wild fauna characterize this area, and, in the savannah, one can often meet freely grazing impalas, an African specie of antelopes, which are responsible for the second name of this granite: Nero Impala.

Like Nero Zimbabwe,  Nero Impala belongs to the rock type called gabbro, an igneous rock, originated 2 billion years ago, when, in a gas-fuelled setting, the founded magma slowly cooled down under the earth crust.

The black colour is determined by characteristic elements such as: magnetite, pyrite, chalcopyrite and other minerals. 

  • Blocks in a quarry of nero africa
  • Blocks in a quarry of nero africa
  • Blocks in a quarry of nero africa

Difference between gabbro and granite

The structure of gabbro is different from granite because of the low percentage of silicon dioxide, thus rendering it basic. Sometimes, a different chemical composition leads to different structures and aspects. This is not the case of Nero Impala, which shows, on the contrary, the noted granite structure with grey medium seized grains  and white pointillism on a typical dark grey and black background colour, which is not homogenous. 

In petrography, this material is classified as a norite. (more details on Wikipedia)

Structure and technical properties of Nero Africa

The minerals contained in Nero Impala are distributed rather homogenously, colour and structure of this granite appear quite uniform and regular.  Homogeneity  and regularity confer very good technical properties to Impala: compression resistance, abrasive resistance and flexural strength. 

Use of the granite Nero Impala (Africa)

Due to the uniform structure and the low thermal extension, this material has been used as pedestal/basement of technical measuring instruments. 

Originally, Impala was applied in funerary art, but in recent years this material has been used particularly in the construction field, such as pavement, staircase, cladding, bath top, kitchen top or ventilated facades. 

The colouring gives this material an elegant look, so that it is suitable for every furnishing style in any surrounding.

The black colour with grains tending to light grey is the main feature that distinguishes this granite. 

The surface of Nero Impala can be polished or brushed and flamed.  

Such a finishing makes the surface of Impala really shine: the light is reflected on the surface and emphasizes the material’s peculiarity.

  • Kitchen cladding made of nero africa
  • Kitchen top made of nero impala
  • Pavement of nero impala polished and flamed

Only your fantasy and your ability to combine the materials could set limits.


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